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July 2018 (50)

34mm Zinc alloy Open back Bezel Pendant Round Charms Resin bezel charms Jewelry Accessories 10pcs


1" Aluminum Round Stamping Discs Stamping Blanks Raw Round Charms Stamping Tags 20pcs 10233950


4-8cm Asparagus setaceus pressed flower Dried Asparagus Fern craft for DIY glass dome 6pcs 10229150


43*26mm Zinc alloy Open Back Pendant Oval Frames bezel pendants jewelry Accessories 10pcs 102316


7*7mm Star Drop Chain Copper Curve Bar Chain Jewelry Accessories By THE YARD 102363


39*23mm Zinc alloy Rhombus Pendant Open Back Bezel Charms resin bezel open frame 10pcs 102322


1-2.5CM Centaury Pressed Flower Crafts Real Flowers Dried flower Handmade pendant materials 12pcs


2-3cm Pressed Stenolomachusanum real dried flowers diy bracelet Photo Frame 12pcs 102284


5/8*1 16/9"Aluminum Long Rounded Rectangle with Two Holes Stamping Blanks charms 20pcs 10234050


1/2*2 1/4" Rectangle Stamping Blanks raw Bar Connector Stamping Blanks Jewelry Supply 20pcs


11/16" Aluminum Round Stamping Discs metal Blanks Raw Charm Personalized Tags DIY 20pcs 10233850


47*26mm Zinc alloy Open Back Pendant open bezel setting Bottle Charms resin charms 10pcs 102320


1cm Dahlberg Daisy pressed flowers Dried flower Eternal Flowers DIY pendant 12pcs 10228550


1 1/2"*1/4" Brass Rectangle Stamping Blank with 1 hole Raw Bar Charm Pendant Blank 20pcs 10234850


Copper Boho Earrings Dangle Enameled copper charms for earrings and bracelet 10pcs/bag 102357


18*27mm Cotton Tassels Small Round Fan Tassels charm Hoop Earring Pendant Wholesale tassels 2pcs


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