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October 2019 (19)

1/4*6" Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Rectangle Stamping Blank Stamping Charm DIY C Open Cuff Bangle 5pcs 102907


3/8*6" Stainless Steel C Open Cuff Bangle Rectangle Blank Stamping Tags Mirror Polished Jewelry Findings 5pcs 102908


25MM Alloy Round Blank Pendant Tray Cameo Cabochon Base Setting Pendants Electrophoresis Bezel Tray Blanks Wholesale 10pcs 102919


3/16*1 9/16 Stainless Steel Blank Bar Pendant Mirror Polished Cuboid Pendant Geometry Charm DIY Accessories For Necklace 1pcs 102904


3/16*1 3/8" Stainless Steel Bar Bracelet Adjustable Bracelet Bangle Engraved Letter Personalized Jewelry 1pcs 102905


Adjustable Brass Ring Blank with 12mm Round Double Bezel Ring Blanks Cabochon Base Settings 10pcs 102903


70*20mm Brass U shape Hairpin Hair Stick Barrette Bobby Pin Clips Hair Accessories Women Gift 10pcs 102921


105*40mm Brass U shape Hairpin Hair Barrette Hair Stick Long Hair Accessories Ladies Hair Jewelry 5pcs 102920


1 1/4"*2 " Alloy Cat Hair Clip Cat Clip geometric Hair Pin diy Hairstyle hair accessory Minimalist Jewelry 5pcs 102917


3/4"*2 1/8" Alloy Geometric Hair Clip Barrette Hairpin Hair Slide Minimalist Hair Accessory 5pcs 102916


7/8"*2 1/8" Alloy Geometric Hair Clip Minimalist Hair Accessory Circle Hair Clip Barrette Hair Slide 5pcs 102915


1"*1 3/4" Alloy Crown hair clip Hair Jewelry Geometric Hairpin Hair Barrette Hair Accessory Hair Accessory Supply 5pcs 102914


3/4"*2" Alloy Lip Hair Clip hair slide clip Minimalist Hair Barrette Geometric Hair Accessory 5pcs 102913


7/8"*2" Alloy Moon Hair Clip Minimalist Hair Barrette Geometric Hair Accessory Hair Slide Ladies Hair Jewelry 5pcs 102912


1 1/4" Alloy Geometric minimalistic hair clip Minimalist Hair Accessory Circle hair clip Ladies Hair Jewelry 5pcs 102911


1 3/4" Alloy Circle hair clip Stylish Hair Clip Minimalist Hair Clips Hair star Hair Accessory 5pcs 102910


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