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October 2019 (19)

25MM Alloy Round Blank Pendant Tray Cameo Cabochon Base Setting Pendants Electrophoresis Bezel Tray Blanks Wholesale 10pcs 102919


3/16*1 3/8" Stainless Steel Bar Bracelet Adjustable Bracelet Bangle Engraved Letter Personalized Jewelry 1pcs 102905


3/16*1 9/16 Stainless Steel Blank Bar Pendant Mirror Polished Cuboid Pendant Geometry Charm DIY Accessories For Necklace 1pcs 102904


3/8*6" Stainless Steel C Open Cuff Bangle Rectangle Blank Stamping Tags Mirror Polished Jewelry Findings 5pcs 102908


1/4*6" Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Rectangle Stamping Blank Stamping Charm DIY C Open Cuff Bangle 5pcs 102907


Adjustable Brass Ring Blank with 12mm Round Double Bezel Ring Blanks Cabochon Base Settings 10pcs 102903


70*20mm Brass U shape Hairpin Hair Stick Barrette Bobby Pin Clips Hair Accessories Women Gift 10pcs 102921


105*40mm Brass U shape Hairpin Hair Barrette Hair Stick Long Hair Accessories Ladies Hair Jewelry 5pcs 102920


1 1/4"*2 " Alloy Cat Hair Clip Cat Clip geometric Hair Pin diy Hairstyle hair accessory Minimalist Jewelry 5pcs 102917


3/4"*2 1/8" Alloy Geometric Hair Clip Barrette Hairpin Hair Slide Minimalist Hair Accessory 5pcs 102916


7/8"*2 1/8" Alloy Geometric Hair Clip Minimalist Hair Accessory Circle Hair Clip Barrette Hair Slide 5pcs 102915


1"*1 3/4" Alloy Crown hair clip Hair Jewelry Geometric Hairpin Hair Barrette Hair Accessory Hair Accessory Supply 5pcs 102914


3/4"*2" Alloy Lip Hair Clip hair slide clip Minimalist Hair Barrette Geometric Hair Accessory 5pcs 102913


7/8"*2" Alloy Moon Hair Clip Minimalist Hair Barrette Geometric Hair Accessory Hair Slide Ladies Hair Jewelry 5pcs 102912


1 1/4" Alloy Geometric minimalistic hair clip Minimalist Hair Accessory Circle hair clip Ladies Hair Jewelry 5pcs 102911


1 3/4" Alloy Circle hair clip Stylish Hair Clip Minimalist Hair Clips Hair star Hair Accessory 5pcs 102910


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