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These brass spring cord ends are handy for finishing your cord when designing with Mykonos beads. Put a dab of glue on the cord end, insert into the coil, and use your pliers to crimp the last bit of coil tightly to the cord. You can then attach your clasp or jump ring to the loop on the end. These will fit up to 2 mm cord.

Cord End/Tips (14)

50*12.5*5mm Clasps for leather Regaliz leather finding double leather clasp,Silver plated,fit for 8.5*2.5 leather cord,Sold 10 Sets Per Package


Base Metal End Connectors,5MM,Antique Bronz Plated,Sold 1000pcs per Pkg


Base Metal End Connectors,0.7*0.3MM,Silver Plated,Sold 10000PCS Per Package


Silver Plated, 8.7mm*6mm Metal Crimp End Spring Coil Cord Tip ,Hole Size 4.7 mm,Sold 500PCS Per Package


Silver,25mm*9mm Metal Crimp End,Spring Bead,Sold 200Grams Per Lot


Imitation Rhodium, 25mm*9mm Metal Crimp End,Spring Bead,Sold 200PCS Per Lot


Silver plated, 11mm*7mm Metal Cord End,Sold 2000PCS Per Lot


Imitation Rhodium, 8mm*5.3mm Metal Crimp End Spring Coil Cord Tip,Sold 500PCS Per Lot


Base Metal End Caps,7*8mm Antique Bronz Plated,Sold 400pcs per Pkg


Metal Tension Spring,4.5MM,Antique Bronze,Sold 500 Pcs per pkg


Base Metal End Caps,8*9mm Antique Bronze Plated,Sold 1000pcs per Pkg


24*18*6MM Magnet Clasp,Antique Silver Plated,Hole Size 14.7*2.3mm,Sold 10PCS Per Package


22*14*10 MM Magnet Clasp,Antique Silver Plated,Hole Size 10.7*7.3mm,Sold 10PCS Per Package


Imitation Rhodium,11mm*7mm Metal Cord End,Sold 1000PCS Per Lot


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