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We can provide for you these processing services, as follows:

1,Packing and Dividing Jewelry findings  

A) Jewelry Findings ---- We can divide and pack the Jewelry Findings which are counted by weight, in accordance with your appointed weight.
B) Jewelry Beads----We can pack it in package or a string as you need.
C) Jewelry Supplies---You can require how many to divide in one package.For example,You order 100pcs Clear Glass Cabochon.and you need 10 pcs in per package.
D)Stringing Materials----Such as Thread & Cord: We can divide the thread or coil thread onto a spool according to your request.

Jewelry Beads/Supplies

 1-10pcs/bag  USD$0.015  /bag
 11-30pcs/bag  USD$0.025  /bag
 31--50pcs/bag  USD$0.03  /bag
 51-100pcs/bag  USD$0.035  /bag
 101+  USD$0.04  /bag

Jewelry Findings

 1-20pcs/bag  USD$0.02   /bag
 21-40pcs/bag  USD$0.06  /bag
 41-60pcs/bag  USD$0.10  /bag
 61-80pcs/bag  USD$0.14  /bag
 81+pcs/bag  USD$0.16  /bag

Stringing Materials

Roll  USD$ 0.25/Roll  Fixed Price
Bags  USD$ 0.08/Bag  Fixed Price

Note:The  above quotations has include the material fee, such as bags, spools, etc.

2,OEM processing services

We can offer OEM Processing services. Well offer a wide range of consultancy services to you, ranging from stocking raw materials to processing in accordance with the sample and relevant pictures submitted by you. Please see the mold fee as below:

Mold Type PRICE processing Time MOQ REMARKS
Plastic Mold USD$50 10-15 work days 10,000 PCS  
Steel Mold USD$150 10-15 work days 30,000 PCS  

If you have any question on processing services, please feel free contact us,Please contact us


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