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    26mm Brass Three layer Flower Bead Caps Flower End Caps Beads Finding Jewelry 10pcs


    32*32mm Zinc alloy Open Back Pendant Cherry blossoms resin bezel resin charms 10pcs 102326


    1.5-3.5cm Pressed Rape flowers Pressed plants Dried Flowers for Crafting Nature Jewelry 12pcs


    2.5-3.5cm Real flowers Chrysanthemum paludosum Dried Pressed Flowers Gift for nature lovers 6pcs


    4-7cm Real natural Mini pine tree Dried Pressed Flowers for Crafting Pressed plants Gift 6pcs 10229350


    1.5-3CM Pressed pink Dried flower natural Floral Jewelry diy earrings pendant bracelet 12pcs 102292


    4-8cm Asparagus setaceus pressed flower Dried Asparagus Fern craft for DIY glass dome 6pcs 10229150


    3-7cm Quercus dentata thunb Real dry pressed flower diy Earrings phone case 6pcs 102290


    2-3.5CM Pressed Penny Grass Leaf Real Flower dried flowers Pressed Flower Gift 12pcs 102289


    3-3.5cm Cerasus sp. Pressed Flower diy Real flower jewelry Botanical bracelet 12pcs 102288


    1-2.5CM Centaury Pressed Flower Crafts Real Flowers Dried flower Handmade pendant materials 12pcs


    1cm Dahlberg Daisy pressed flowers Dried flower Eternal Flowers DIY pendant 12pcs 10228550


    2-3.5cm Pressed Cassia Flowers Yellow and Orange Dried flower diy Photo Frame 12pcs 102283


    2-3cm Pressed Stenolomachusanum real dried flowers diy bracelet Photo Frame 12pcs 102284


    5-6cm Cardiospermum halicacabum L. Dried Pressed Flower Real leaf diy jewelry 12pcs 10228250


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