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Chain necklace (13)

304 Stainless Steel cross O Flat Link Chain width 1.6*0.4mm Jewelry Chains 18"/20"/24" length color to choose DIY Accessorry 10pcs


24" 4.3*3mm Heart Link Necklace Chains,Silver Plated Jewelry Finished Necklace Chain,Jewelry Chains,10pcs/lot


24" 6*2.5mm Twisted Silver Plated Completed Necklace Chain,Approved spent Figaro Chains 3:1,sold 20pcs/lot


24" 4.3*3mm Heart Link Completed Necklace Chain,Antique Bronze Jewelry Flat Thin Necklace Chain,10pcs/lot


24" 4.3*3mm KC Gold Heart Link Completed Necklace Chain,Dainty Satellite Chain,Flat Thin Necklace Chain,10pcs/lot


30" 4mm Necklace chain,Jewelry Pressed Beads Chain,Silver 0 Necklace Chain,Finished Necklace,20pcs/lot


24" 6*2.5mm Finished Figaro Chains,Antique Bronze Jewelry Necklace Pendant Chain,sold 20pcs/lot


18"/20"/24" Stainless steel Chain Necklace 2mm link width Finished chain with Lobster Clasp Minimal Jewelry 10pcs 102731


24" 6*2.5mm Imitation Rhodium Twisted Jewelry Necklace Chain,Approved spent Chain Figaro Chains,sold 20pcs/lot


24" 4.3*3mm Heart Link Finished Necklace Chain,18K Gold Jewelry Pendant Chains,Flat Thin Necklace Chain,10pcs/lot


24" 4.3*3mm Heart Link Completed Chain,Imitation Rhodium Jewelry Chains,Flat Thin Necklace Chain,10pcs/lot


18"/20"/24" Stainless steel Box Chain Necklace 1.1mm link width Finished Box Chain Jewelry Supplies 10pcs 102730


24" 6*2.5mm Jewelry Twisted Necklace Chain,18k Glod Figaro Chains Jewelry supplies For pendant,sold 20pcs/lot


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