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These Antique Beads looked classical,do you think so?Yes,antique beads may be loved by those reminiscent people.We supply as many as we can,4mm,8mm,10mm,13mm,14mm,19mm,etc.Wholesale some China beads for your jewelry making,30 Days Money Back Guarantee in zSupplies.

Antique Beads (11)

200PCS 19*8mm Vintage antique silver Zinc alloy beads


19*8mm Vintage antique bronze Zinc alloy beads,The Greek architectural elements,sold 200 pcs per pkg


8 mm Tibetan Flower Beads,Silver Large Hole Spacer beads,Diy Bulk beads,Thickness 1.5mm Sold 100pcs/lot


Tibetan Jewelry Beads,Silver Tone Spacer Beads,Diy Large Hole Spacer beads,Metal beads,Thickness 2.5mm Sold 100pcs/lot


Tibetan Beads,Jewelry Buddhism Beads,Large Hole Spacer beads,Rondelle Beads,Thickness 4mm,Sold 50pcs/lot


Tibetan Beads,Silver Tone Bulk beads,Diy Jewelry Buddhism Beads,Large Hole Spacer beads,Thickness 3mm,Sold 50pcs/lot


Tibetan Beads,Silver Tone Spacer Beads,Euro Style Beads,Spacer Beads,Thickness 4.5mm,sold 50pcs/lot


50pcs Tibetan Flower Beads,Large Hole Spacer beads,Thickness 7mm


8 mm Jewelry spacer,Rondelle Beads,Silver Tone Spacer Beads,Diy Large Hole Spacer beads,Sold 50pcs/lot


Large Hole Spacer beads,Silver Tibetan Tone Spacer Beads,Diy Jewelry spacer Beads,Thickness 1.5mm,Sold100pcs/lot


Tibetan Flower Beads,Large Hole Spacer beads,Euro Style Buddhism Beads,Thickness 8mm,sold 50pcs/lot


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