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There are over 200+ jewelry charms wholesale in zSupplies,they are made of zinc alloy,acrylic,or other metal materials.Different sizes and different colors to choose from.You can choose charms below,if you have any questions,Contact us.

Charms (6)

Clover Enamel Charms with clear glass diamond,green,height 23mm,width 18mm,thick 2.6mm,Sold 20 PCS Per Package


Cute Tortoise Enamel Charms,Green,height 24mm,width 17mm,thick 2.2mm,Sold 20 PCS Per Package


Cartoon Tree Enamel Charms,green,height 23mm,width 17mm,thick 2mm,Sold 20 PCS Per Package


Tortoise Enamel Charms,Green,height 29mm,width 24mm,thick 5.2mm,Sold 20 PCS Per Package


FROG LEON Enamel Charms,Light Green,height 22mm,width 21mm,thick 2.6mm,Sold 20 PCS Per Package


Christmas Bell Enamel Charms,white,height 28mm,width 23mm,thick 2.2mm,Sold 20 PCS Per Package


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