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        Porcelain Beads,also named Ceramic Beads,are popular nowadays around the world.You can use Porcelain Beads on Halloween,Christmas,or other holidays.100% Cheap and Quality Ceramic Beads wholesale in zSupplies directed from China.Or you may also like fimo beads .Wholesale beads in zSupplies,whom supply China beads directed from Yiwu China,30 Days Money Back Guarantee !

        Ceramic & Porcelain Beads (7)

        14*17MM Handmade Porcelain Beads,Butterfly,Green and Yellow,Hole size:2.7 MM,Sold 100PCS Per Package


        17*21 MM Handmade Porcelain Beads, Owl,Purple,Hole size:4.2 MM,Sold 100PCS Per Package


        14*16 MM Handmade Porcelain Beads,Owl,Red,Hole size:2 MM,Sold 100PCS Per Package


        10 packages 7.5*7MM Handmade Porcelain Beads, Cat,Blue,Sold 5pcs per package


        18*22MM Handmade Porcelain Beads, Owl,Purple,Hole size:4 MM 50pcs/lot


        17*22MM Handmade Porcelain Beads,Owl,White,Hole size:3.2 MM,Sold 100PCS Per Package


        16*20 MM Handmade Porcelain Beads,Owl,Red,Hole size:2.5 MM,Sold 100PCS Per Package

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